About Ehsan

My name is Ehsan Hakimi and I am an expert in software development industry. I have started my profession as a Java/J2EE (JSP, EJB, Struts, Hibernate) and Oracle developer in 2004. After some years in 2008, my career path has been changed toward software team leader. So I become more involved with people rather than programming tools. I feel a huge gap between the way that a developer thinks rather than a real business need. I figure out SharePoint as a good platform that can be shaped easily and fast to fulfil business requirements (in comparison with other programming languages such as PHP, Java, .Net which will take longer to implement a similar application).
I found SharePoint as a flexible and highly customization platform in 2010 and try to match business needs with SharePoint features.

Still, there were two issues:

1-Users weren’t able to benefit all SharePoint capabilities because some of the things were tricky on SharePoint. They need more training to be able to utilise it properly.
2- We weren’t able to implement many of the user’s requirements using Out-of-the-box feature so there was a need to do some programming.

So I focus on both two above area. Firstly increasing my knowledge to become an expert SharePoint developer since there were many different approaches that you can implement a feature there and each of them have their own pros and cons.I develop visual web parts, sandbox solution using C#, ASP.Net within Visual Studio. I use InfoPath and SharePoint Designer to define custom workflows. I use App (Add-in) model to build SP Hosted app. Also by using Jquery, CSS and AngularJS, I made custom pages. I apply both SOM and CSOM model to access SharePoint elements. I define Information Architecture (IA) and SP Governance Plan as a high-level roadmap document for some companies.

Secondly sharing my findings and knowledge with others because I love to share. I believe this is the only way that I can help end users/organisations to implement an active collaboration environment using SharePoint.

  • This blog is one of my efforts to share my knowledge and address above issue.

I will try to categorise my training articles in three different groups: for end users, for power users or site admins, for developers, however, there are some tips which could not fit in one category. I try to not making my article too complicated and specific for programmers as I believe more training material is required on end user’s side and power user’s side. So my articles explain general things.

Recently Microsoft is trying to expand Office 365 globally, I am sure there will be a need to create more training material for users. SharePoint is part of Office 365 and still has its own tips and tricks. In this blog, I am trying to explain those tips and the conceptual idea behind it.

I have worked as software project manager, software team leader, programmer and trainer for more than 12 years (focusing last 6 years on SharePoint 2010, 2013, Online or Office 365) and I am trying to share my new findings with others to have more SharePoint power users in community so it would be easier for me to implement a new SharePoint project in companies in the future.

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